The Elements

Each of us are formed of the elements that also form our world - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Our Heart Gardens are too! In an effort to organize much diverse information, details of making the dream come true are gathered in those sections below: 

Earth is the landscape - the buildings, the shelves, the tables and chairs, the soil and the seeds, but not how we water them! It is also money so we can pay for them.

Air is the thoughts, meetings and agreements that are part of creating this new entity. To-do and Ta-Done calendar items are here. This would also be the place for culture and knowledge, links to concepts that underpin this new facility.

Water includes how water is obtained and distributed, and other things that come in cycles - Crops and Mass Transit.

Fire has two qualities - Energy and Light. Energy is the power needed, used and created within Our Heart Gardens. Light is inspiration. Here is some of what has inspired Our Heart Gardens and links to similar or supporting dreams, possibilities, and successes of others.

Earth - the buildings, the shelves, the tables, chairs, the soil and the seeds, but not how we water them! Funding and money matters will also be gathered here.

Re-purposed malls or department stores and warehouses, or industrial parks, already linked by transit are ideal places.

The Real Estate Foundation presented at the CommUnity Innovation Lab. Their help with finding and arranging a location would be helpful.

Jora Composting - met Russ Chambers at the CIL. He has composters for the food waste from the kitchens and trimming of plants.

Kamloops Food Security Council - Strategic Plan has been finalized and I presented the idea to them on April 1/15 suggesting that they access the website. Possible Food Hub combination was discussed in presentation as well as with JUMP who could "live" in the kitchen. Blog entry was posted. TRU students expressed excitement at the possibilities & will speak to instructors & peers.

The FarmLand Connection Conference was a brilliant idea that I expect will become an annual event, where wanna-be farmers and landowners find each other, as well as inspiration. I made some connections to follow up on and will let you know as developments arise. (hands rubbing together with glee!!)

David Tombs (see links below in Water section) spoke of grant money available! (magical manifesting!) I need to connect also with Venture Kamloops, Colin - appointment set for the 10th of April! (FRIDAY!!)

Air - Where the breeze began, what now and what's next... philosophies and concepts that fanned the flames of imagination & meetings, agreements, plans for creating this new entity

Where did this idea come from? Links to documents and websites that have fanned the flame, in no particular order...

Community organizations: KFPC, The Stop Community Food Centre; Community organic garden: GardenGate Horticulture Program, Open Door Group; the Shift Network online courses: Rising Women, Rising World with Scilla Elworthy and Indigenous Wisdom for Compassionate Living & United Action by Chief Phil Lane of the Four Worlds International Institute; Phoenix Society Sweat Lodge, Surrey BC; Manitonquat; Dirt has Medicine; The Great Unification FB Group; Water has MemoryThe Egg, a video I saw when I was in highschool that made a big impact; 

Dinner at the new First Nations restaurant in Kamloops, The Painted Pony, was very good and it was nice to see it popular! Stopped in next door to see products available in Thousand Villages-type of shop with greenhouse and restaurant "the Smorgasbord" which has excellent home-baked food, baskets, drums, wall-hangings, candles... and the list goes on, and on, and on... A good affiliate possibility!

Tasks are listed here (welcome to my world!) and results will be itemized in the appropriate sections. 

ToDo: Contact TRU to investigate partnering in development of Our Heart Gardens and getting physics students working on the POP facility to generate more power from daily exercise of participants. Contact Transit Authority. Contact Real Estate Foundation. Write/practice presentation for KFPC. Follow-up with KIB.  Keep perfecting/adding to this website! Make business cards for OHG!

TaDone! CommUnity Innovation Lab (Gil Penulosa of 8-80 Cities; Marc Solomon, Sustainability Coordinator of City of Kamloops; Donovan Cavers & Tina Lange, City of Kamloops Council Members; Kamloops Indian Band; Laura Kalina, KFPC & ICS; 

Water - includes how water is obtained and distributed, and other things that come in cycles, Crops and Transit

Hydro - automatic watering by gravity feed, connected to City water and down-spouts connected to rain barrels

Crops - leaf lettuce, parsley, green onions, bulrushes... I spoke to David Tombs of Terra Restaurant, also of Farm 2 Chefs, about bulrushes and possible collaboration between indigenous cooks and chefs and competition on TV show. Hot idea. Also see note above in Earth re grant possibility. 

Transit - I spoke to a fellow at the CIL (now... who was that? put that on the ToDo list!)

Fire - Energy and Light

Energy is the power needed, used and created. Solar power and POP (Power of People) and gravity wherever possible. Current methods of generating energy from human exertion is under-developed. We can do better than a bicycle! (TRU?)

Light - the passion shared: testimonials and links to others' similar or supporting dreams, possibilities, and successes

The Stop is a similar smaller facility in Ontario based around a food bank with a separate greenhouse. They have a great video 

Theaster Gates is from Chicago and has a TED talk in which he speaks about what he has done in his neighbourhood to beautify and, basically, save it. When he talked about linking the buildings he's rehabilitated with green space I realized a part of my original idea had been dropped! Originally, the idea was to grow the crops outdoors under the SkyTrain, or in parking lots or roofs of parking lots. So, that has to be highlighted - indoor planting, transplanting and growing, and outdoor growing.  I couldn't contact him through TED so I've sent a comment on his Talk hoping he will make contact.