About The Originator - Shannon McArthur

The following paragraphs were written in 2016, when I created this website. Since then I have traveled to Europe and the States, seeing the most amazing places, meeting amazing people and doing amazing things. I've learned that I know next to nothing - and people are creating heavenly places! The primary element of the most value in this concept, as I see it at this time, is the notion of an Earth-embracing network of like-minded facilities outside the monetary system that could provide both food sovereignty within communities and a kind of nervous system for the planet (or perhaps, the Being that is gradually becoming aware of Itself.) At the 2015 COM-21 in Rotterdam, the Our Heart Gardens concept was gifted to United Earth, so others can engage. As a member of UE, I continue my support of it. I believe that whatever we call it isn't important, though OH-G seems fun, and like calling on Gaia!

20+ years in municipal government, through a major amendment of the Official Community Plan (the document that guides development of city buildings, infrastructure and community support) created awareness in Shannon McArthur of the many issues of a good community. City governments are limited in how they can address them. It takes people to make the changes needed in the cities of today - money can't do it and corporations won't.  People within those organizations try very hard to help but the purposes of those entities are otherwise focused.

Clinical Depression taught Shannon just how little they could help. Then they took away what she thought was most important - her job. Sick leave gave her time but that didn't help - just more time to be confused! It took a year attending a weekly Sweat Lodge, volunteering and becoming part of her community, and then slowly stopping medications, to really be better. As with so many others, prescription drugs were not the answer; something else was needed, something unknown in most city communities today - a way to connect with the Earth and the elements that surround us.

Searching for the way has taken Shannon past a long-term relationship; through many self-help and counselling situations, medications and meditations; and over the land back to her home town of Kamloops, BC, Canada. While bringing together the elements, people and organizations to create the first Our Heart Gardens there, she is promoting the idea through the internet so other cities can have the opportunity to be the first, one of many that will create the reality of the dream she shares here, with you.

Shannon's life has been blessed with prophesy, love and work - the perfect ingredients to create a magical life full of inspired confusion embedded in depressing reality. Her love of Spirit maintains her convictions.

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Comments and Testimonials - shared by people like you through the Contact Us form before Facebook Comments was added. I love that the first comment was from my mom...

From Kathy (Mom): Similarity in name - no coincidence, dear daughter ... I'm so pleased that your precious energy is directed toward "Our Heart Gardens" .. I remember the hours spent under the sun and in the showers with my mother - a very special time that helped me share the growing pains of early years of life. Kudos!

From Alison: Love your vision, Shannon, and cheering you on from Fife in Scotland. I will follow your progress with great interest!

Celine: What a beautiful and powerful vision. I hope it comes to fruition.

Loran: I keep seeing vacant Wal-Marts repurposed into Heart Gardens.

Barbara: How very exciting to have your proposal considered by the City!! I like the idea of focusing on the possibilities and solutions!

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