I put the Contact Us form first so you don't have to search for it -- because I really look forward to hearing from you. Below it is "How 'n Why" which explains the motivation that drove me to express this idea that would not be silenced, and what has pushed me out of my comfortable easy retired life into a strange new exciting world. It's no fun for me to create by myself -- I am hardwired to cocreate!! Let's find out how we can weave ourselves together...


How 'n Why

This section focuses what I believe, desire, know, have learned and been inspired by. Scattered writings and blogs have made me as separate and stressed inside as the world is outside. If I am, as they say, a microcosm of the macrocosm, by calming myself, I calm the world. So be it, and so it is... This is going to be fun! 

I created this website in 2015 to clarify and present the wholistic vision I "saw" of a network of unique places that can provide everyone with all the elements essential for happy and healthy human lives. When I wrote it, I thought I would have to build the first one before it would start but I see it springing up all over the place with awesome and inspiring variations. The network is growing through the actions of imaginal humans, cells of the butterfly-like Being we are Becoming, with more and more manifesting, becoming visible and joining up. 

For myself, I've accepted the challenge of living like I exist in the More Beautiful World I desire (thank you, Charles Eisenstein for that inspiration!) To be the Change I want to see, I consider the guidance I get through my tarot cards and in what happens in my everyday life: M.O.M., the Magic in Ordinary Moments. I wonder:

What do you think
MOM is weaving
with the
lines of our lives?

The Book of MOM (Magic in Ordinary Moments) is in progress. The basic concept was born during a time of recovery from Depression (a sign of Awakening) but MOM was the inspiration for Our Heart Gardens: Crow Surgeon showed me the key. Once past the crisis, my life transformed - and it keeps changing! The world too... 

Humanity itself is transforming. An introduction to the change is provided by BARBARA MARX HUBBARD. She inspired generations with a vision of the future that included and empowered everyone. Her explanation of the evolution of humanity in Theatre of Our Birth provides an obvious, exciting, beautiful suggestion. I take it further.

People are hard-wired to make sense of things. When we don't actually know, we imagine; and it is our greatest resource right now. I believe a new mythology is essential to developing a common focus to empower us through what is happening for humanity at this time. There are prophesies that talk about this time.

A First Nations prophecy says "No one will be left behind." What story is waiting to be told that would include us all and take us forward in a peaceful, powerful way? The answer has been danced around by many people, like Barbara Marx-Hubbard talking about the birth of a new human species and Anneloes Smitsman who refers to the birth process. But it is not only individual humans going through this. Collectively, we are changing and because of the quality of the changes, I believe, we are becoming aware we, collectively, are One Child of Gods. Humanity is transforming because, like a butterfly, our time of change is upon us. We are "in the soup" and we cannot see what We will be...

We have a few ways of figuring out what the One we are is. There are legends and lore from First Nations and from gifted people who channel or download data from the Akashic field, (aka the Noosphere) which surrounds and trails behind the Earth as She spins, dancing around Her Beloved Star on His journey through Space. The "shape" of the One we are becoming is determined by the choices each of us makes, and deciding who we allow to influence us is a large part of how it happens. I encourage everyone to check with their own Internal Guidance System (Soul) before joining up with or believing ANY one or thing. That being said, I was given a prophesy - two actually. One for me (that has already come true) and one for all of us. They both are in my book. These prophesies have spurred my growth and my imagination.

We are multi-dimensional Beings like our Parents. There are many things we cannot see from a human point of view. We are limited and wounded by the separation that was the catalyst for our growth. Are we are big enough now? Seems we are being squeezed into our next embodiment!! 

That's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed, and will come again. Check out Now and About for latest developments.

Bless you, and all you do...

Sunlight Sparkling on the Waters