Message from Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters oa Shannon McArthur (the Owner/Maker of this website!) :

This concept clarified for me in 2015 and I created this so I could lay it all out for you without having to explain it all, all over again, each time. I learned a lot through the process and, looking back now (August 31, 2018), I see that all that work I did, for no money, paid me royally by manifesting dreams I had never allowed myself to dream -- of going to Europe, of being a rebel and a part of The Change, going to music festivals, becoming a Healer... I was too broken; how could I heal others if I was so...

From my perspective, now, I've seen many people and places with similar intentions - working together freely, growing and sharing food, helping each other heal... and I'm holding hope for governing bodies becoming more about helping people than making money. We've got a long way to go but the direction we want to go is getting clearer; and how we will go; as is the path forward, to the more beautiful world we all know is possible (thank you, Charles Eisenstein). 

Please, read below what I wrote back then, and I invite you to the About Us page to find out what's happening for me now - it's really all about me, until ... well, we'll see...

I see a future full of bright new opportunities, and clearly my dream is coming true - of the Great Unification into a United Earth. Our New Earth is a More Beautiful World... There are so many of us, with such similar desires...
I believe it is simply a process now: one considered and respectful Movement at a time, weaving our life-lines together into a tapestry of great beauty and diversity, a network of amazing intricacy spread around the Earth, our Great Mother, to hold us all as we discover whatever the One we are actually is...

Growing community, ability and food security!

A new kind of public facility where we socialize and learn while working together to provide food, community and enjoyment for all. Connected on-line, world-wide, and by mass transit, Our Heart Gardens (OH-G's) will create strong, resilient multi-faceted cities that embrace All Our Relations, and honourMother Earth.

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Welcome to the Home page! On the other two pages of the website, The Elements and About Us, you will find the different bits involved the creation of Our Heart Gardens so far (nothing on the ground yet!), Comments, and a bio of the Originator, Shannon McArthur. You can also click over to the blog to see what's new!

The Concept and Four Families, Plus describe what is being proposed in two ways. When you've had a look, click over to the Contact Us page and tell us your answer to the question: How would access to an OH-G change your life?

Our Heart Gardens

First Peoples philosophies of abundance and respect are credited for their centuries of peace before colonization. Their experience can help us overcome the causes and effects of mainstream thinking. Living and striving only for oneself and one's family, in competition for a perceived shortage of resources, has resulted in hunger and poverty for multitudes, while the few with lots are disconnected from their communities. Illness and disease caused by lack of good food, health care, money, time or ability, drains the vitality of our civilization. And we can fix it, together...

Earth is going through changes, and Her changes require us to change. We need to protect our crops and grow them closer to us, but that's the least of the matter - mostly, we need to learn to live together and support each other so we don't lean so heavily on Our Mother. She's been given a hard go and deserves honour and respect!

The future is forming in which we can meet the intrinsic human needs of everyone for community, dignity and food security in in-door organic gardens in re-purposed buildings and malls in communities around the world. We can produce year-round fresh food, tended by people enjoying the company of others as they work together, surrounded by living walls of the plants that feed them. And while they work, they can be entertained and educated by a diversity of people, in person or connected online on big screens. Rather than money, meals, fresh produce to take home and/or bus tickets give value for value given. Mass transit linking Our Heart Gardens will have higher ridership, frequency, dependability and improved security. Creating a kaleidoscope of diversity; visiting OH-Gs will become a day-trip excursion, and a tourist attraction.

A special benefit of enclosing the smell of fertile earth within a building - not only enjoyable, it has medicine in it… 15 minutes breathing the rich smell of fertile earth can relieve symptoms of Anxiety and Clinical Depression all day. It's never the wrong medicine, has no adverse side-effects and no overdoses!  We can all enjoy and benefit from it - drop in before you catch the bus and take the happy to work...

In large or small forms, Our Heart Gardens will allow a unique mix. Large OH-Gs will include some of the following, depending on needs, location and involvement:

  • a large area surrounded by living walls where people gather to work, share and play
  • large parking lot with many stalls converted to growing space with movable planters
  • a food hub, kitchen(s) and restaurant(s)
  • artisan studios, so students and mentors can find each other
  • child, elder and challenged engagement
  • government services access
  • rehearsal space
  • a Sweat Lodge, sauna, Red Tent/Moon Room, bathing facilities
  • laundry and sewing room
  • nurse and midwife consultations
  • clinic space for scheduled visits by specialists and doctors (psychologist, podiatrist, nutritionist, etc.)
  • alternative health practitioners and aestheticians whose free/cost-only services help those in need while they attract new clients, or to begin their practice before moving into their own businesses
  • composting, soil mixing, and workshops
  • exercise machines to convert our daily exercise into power (POP = Power of People!!)
  • offices for planning and administration

Dedicated OH-Gs will be gardens, POP facilities, retail outlets for produce or products created in the Gardens, family baths and meeting places in Seniors’ Homes, clothing alterations or re-purposing, and composting facilities. This level also provides an opportunity for like-minded establishments to have an affiliation with the OH-Gs network.

Management, internal and external, is to be provided by an internal council elected and informed by Sharing Circles, another valuable part of First Peoples' culture that lets all participants be fully heard with consideration and respect. OH-Gs are places where we can form and learn a new culture and new ways of thinking and interacting, from an abundant point of view; we need to deeply experience and practice these new ways and learn to get along! 

Connections broken by colonization and today's society can be rewoven with the help of elders and participants with the strength to be vulnerable and open while they share skills and resources, ritual, storytelling, ceremony, or simply talking and sharing a meal. Our Heart Gardens provide a place where believing, and acting from the belief, that love is the most powerful force in the universe can be honoured, savoured, and then spread throughout our society. 

Designed to be open all day, every day, large OH-Gs will improve accessibility to help for the vulnerable and give shift-workers, insomniacs and people in recovery a good place to go. Elders can be part of things without being vulnerable. New moms who need child-care and people who are hungry or homeless or need a bath can get what they need, as would the lost and the lonely. Bread-winners come to exercise, eat a meal and share some time with others before going home to, or with, their families. Our Heart Gardens is a place to hear the wisdom of our Elders, and to allow the joy of children to infect all our lives. I look forward to saying, "I'll see you at the OH-G!"

Copyright Shannon McArthur